Earthcube developed a monitoring solution dedicated to critical areas for industrial or environmental purposes.



Enable the monitoring of the widest areas and the hardest to access

The accessibility and handling of the data necessary to monitor critical wide areas make it difficult to understand the situation in those zones. 

Green areas detection

Comparison with the cadastre


Earthcube offers a solution to analyze georeferenced images, and more globally geospacial data, to give its customers a powerful activity tracking tool. 

A large-scale vision

Parking detection 

Thanks to a customizable solution and the automation of the image analysis, Earthcube’s customers now have access to a unique tool to help their decision-making.

The solution is aggregating different data sources and job-related data in order to provide a sharper analysis.

Earthcube's solutions enables its customers to have access to complete analysis, instantly.

The precision and regularity of our algorithms allow us to offer a robust solution, available 24/7.



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