Almost half way to space in less than 6 months!

On Thursday 23rd, June 2016 we have initiated a series of airborne tests, starting with a stratospheric balloon launch, to validate our monitoring solution and test our payload .

We are happy to announce that this flight was successful and enabled us to validate several technological points!

The test included a genuine version of the sensor, prototype optics and electronics. Thermal control and calibration shutter had to be included in order to maintain the sensor in the right environmental condition and compensate for temperature variation.

CNES (French Space Agency) has done a tremendous work assisting us and giving us access to their facilities. Thanks to them we managed to test, code and assemble all parts in a very short time.

We are very proud to have achieved this first milestone and we intend to keep the rhythm for following tests during summer.

We would like to thank everyone at CNES for the support and in particular the Balloon division. We also had precious interactions with FullScale Labs and ONERA and would like to thank them for their availability.

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