Booster Nova supports us on our way to space!

We are excited about the news that came out a few days ago: Earthcube will be helped in its acceleration by the Booster NOVA!

This consortium - which motto is « Dream it-Make it-Boost it »- supports financially and technically start ups in the spatial and digital sectors. This initiative was launched this year by the French Government in order to accelerate the most promising new space companies.

Earthcube’s application was reviewed by Aerospace Valley and Avenia. Their support highlights the technical strength of our solution as well as its market relevance for Oil & Gas customers.

What does it mean for us? Thanks to this achievement, we will have access to:

  • satellites data that will be used to improve and challenge our algorithms

  • softwares for spatial applications that can be used as complementary processing tools

  • testing facilities to try out our instrument

  • last but not least, some financial support that will allow us to have more people on board and grow even faster!

You can find more information here

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