Preligens offers its customers an integrated service to monitor sites of interest based on the main current conflicts.

Thanks to a systematic and quantitative analysis of various data flows such as satellite imagery but also marine and aerial flows, Preligens enables its customers to better understand the evolution of a zone, and to be alerted in case of major change.


Facilitating the analysts' jobs

Satellite images contain a large amount of information but their analysis can take up to a day to a photo-interpreter. 

Preligens enables them to optimize their time thanks to the automatic production of activity indicators.

The challenge is then to be able to analyze this data and to understand which part of it is relevant, in order to gain both time and efficiency.


Satellite images contain a high quantity of information and enable the evaluation of the situation in numerous zones of the globe. The use of AI thus allows the automation of part of their analysis. 

Analyzing and formatting the collected data


Our customers have access to the latest data collected on their sites of interest, systematically analyzed and delivered in a structured format.

Among the flow of information available, the platform gives our customers access to the following features:

  • Overview dashboards for a high-level comprehension

  • The source images of the related zone

  • Generation of PDF reports

  • A customized alarm system

A cloud platform to perform strategic monitoring



The TAIIA project

Deployment of S-Cube, our IMINT product, at scale.



Discover the use cases of strategic site monitoring.


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