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Products overview

A new approach to address intelligence challenges

To provide more informed answers to complex intelligence questions, the paradigm has to change: breaking silos and putting the intelligence problem back at the very core, hence adopting a problem-centric approach.

The methodology becomes sensor-agnostic, mixing all intelligence disciplines, in a Multi-INT and fully integrated system, enabling a seamless information flow.

Products overview

Four typologies of intelligence problems to tackle

 Strategic Site Monitoring

Strategic Site Monitoring

Leveraging VHR satellite imagery to analyze the activity of strategic areas of interest: ports, airfields, military camps, industrial sites. Detect, classify and identify objects of military interest automatically, and follow the evolution of critical areas, at a glance.
IMINT Optical application
Aerial Situation Monitoring

Aerial Situation Monitoring

Monitor the aerial situation in a theatre of operations, in order to follow the evolution of a conflict, at scale: detect and classify aircraft, leverage ADS-B data to learn about their flight plans, identify threats both on land and sea.
Multi-INT Aerial application
Maritime Situation Monitoring

Maritime Situation Monitoring

Monitor the maritime situation at a given location, for Mission Preparation, Mission Rehearsal and Operations: detect and classify boats, leverage AIS data to learn about their journey, identify threats both on land and sea.
Multi-INT Maritime application
PMESII* Monitoring

PMESII* Monitoring

Understand the stacking of complex systems through a combination of structured Publicly Available Information and Vision-Based Machine Learning algorithms to anticipate threats and simulate courses of action.
Multi-INT Stacking application

A new way to address problem solving

Preligens has developed a unique data and sensor-agnostic, AI-enabled Operating System to support intelligence problem solving challenges. The strength of the OS relies on three key components:

  • a portfolio of AI algorithms to structure any kind of raw data
  • the fusion of structured information drawn from multi-intelligence sensors including disparate data sources
  • a proprietary knowledge base with detailed ontology and a database of sites of interest

* PMESII: Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure