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IMINT Capabilities

Strategic Site Surveillance application software

Leveraging VHR satellite imagery to analyze the activity of strategic areas of interest: ports, airfields, military camps, industrial sites. Detect, classify and identify objects of military interest automatically, and follow the evolution of critical areas, at a glance.

IMINT Capabilities

Strategic Site Surveillance

Application software

Derived through powerful object classification algorithms, Preligens Strategic Site Monitoring solution displays information extracted and structured from VHR satellite imagery to follow thoroughly the evolution of strategic sites of interest.

Leveraging the expertise of Preligens’ geopolitics and former military teams, it provides its users with dashboard-centric alerts to unusual patterns of life along with the drill-down capability to assess the full image context.

Energy Infrastructures
Ports and harbors
Military compounds
Missile systems
Urban areas
Commercial Optical imagery
Sovereign images
A unique proprietary database
100% Defence & Intelligence focused
5+ million objects labelled on optical imagery
10000+ sites of military interest
Enabling unrivalled AI algorithms
9 off-the-shelf object detection algorithms
Systematic detection, classification and identification
Unparalleled detection capabilities
Unrivalled classification capabilities on aircraft: 100 variants
Derived through leading research team
AI team strong of 80 people
Unique integrated pipeline from data acquisition to algorithm deployment
Proprietary AI Factory to industrialize the algorithm creation process
To enhance analysts and provide them with deeper intelligence
Semi-automated baseline-analysis
Automated pattern analysis with access to historical data
100% custom alert system
Administrative back-office for a timely update of site information
Dual visualization of both images and graphs
Automated report download

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Download our IMINT Product Sheet

Download our IMINT Product Sheet

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