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Roberta #5

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Roberta #5

The [artificial] intelligence newsletter


Roberta Wohlstetter (1912-2007)
Pioneer of modern intelligence

Creating and scaling a company is not plain sailing. You have to deal with crises as well as growth, or even hypergrowth. And when the company’s activity is to develop a disruptive technology, such as artificial intelligence, there is a lack of good practices and feedback to draw inspiration from. To develop AI on an industrial scale, like Preligens, no road is yet mapped out.
This is why we wanted to document and share our journey: explain how we managed to structure and industrialize our activity by creating our "AI Factory".
In this back-to-school edition of Roberta, we share with you the first part of a series of articles about our tech organization, our AI Factory, which allows us to deliver a super performing AI that runs in production.
This month, we will also take you to Northern Cyprus, Russia and Belarus.
In Cyprus first, where IFRI deciphers Turkey’s hold on the Northern part of the island, illustrated by our automatic detections on satellite images. And then in Russia, where we invite you to follow our ZAPAD-2021 situation reports. This quadrennial exercise of exceptional scope of the Russian armies is monitored through our algorithms and our team of experts.
Last but not least, we have a new vocabulary word for you to discover. Back-to-school as we said!

Have a good read,

Arnaud Guérin and Renaud Allioux, co-founders of Preligens

« Pentagon believes its precognitive AI can predict events 'days in advance' » by Engadget

The US military's AI experiments are growing particularly ambitious. The US Northern Command recently completed a string of tests for Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE), a combination of AI, cloud computing and sensors that could give the Pentagon the ability to predict events "days in advance," according to Command leader General Glen VanHerck. It's not as mystical as it sounds, but it could lead to a major change in military and government operations

« The promise of open-source
intelligence » by
The Economist

As Stewart Brand, a pioneer of online communities, put it: “Information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time.” It was not to be. Bad information often drove out good. Authoritarian states co-opted the technologies that were supposed to loosen their grip. Information was wielded as a weapon of war. Amid this disappointment one development offers cause for fresh hope: the emerging era of open-source intelligence (OSINT).

A concrete use case

Turkey's Method in the Mediterranean: The Hold over Northern Cyprus

On July 20, 2021, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visits North Cyprus to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the 1974 Operation Attila, a Turkish military intervention in response to a coup aimed at annexing the island to Greece.
In partnership with Preligens, Ifri has observed the traces of Turkish reinvestment in Varosha, Geçitkale and Famagusta, and resituates these elements in the Turkish expansion strategy in the Mediterranean and beyond.

Read Ifri’s report

A word of vocabulary

Precision is an indicator that can be used as a measure of quality and relevance. It is calculated by dividing the number of true positives by the number of total positives. Thus precision can be defined as the proportion of relevant elements in the total set.

Precision is used in many fields such as Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing. More precisely, precision is used in pattern recognition, information research and automatic classification. For example, a search engine will use this indicator to analyse the relevance of its tool.

ZAPAD-2021 : Monitoring of the military exercise by Preligens

ZAPAD-2021, a quadrennial exercise of the Russian Armed Forces of exceptional scope, will take place from September 10 to 16, 2021, and will be closely followed by the international military intelligence community. In this context, Preligens will make use of its IMINT and OSINT tools in order to offer a successful monitoring of the maneuvers.

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How we built an AI factory

The first part of a series of articles about our tech organisation, our AI Factory, which allows us to deliver a performing AI that runs in production.

In this article discover how we industrialized deep learning algorithms to production by building a unique agile framework

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