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Our mission

We welcome highly talented individuals who care for what they are doing and who are looking for a meaningful mission. We give them the ability to participate in our mission of building a safer world.
With a strong culture of feedback and transparency, we give them the potential to progress in the organisation and have a bigger impact collectively.

Focus on key positions



Deep Learning Engineer


R&D Data Scientist


Back End Developer


Head of Product

BigBang Thursdays


As part of our employee personal development programme, Thursday afternoons are dedicated to personal growth and we often invite motivational speakers to inspire the whole Preligens team.

We had the honor of welcoming:

  • François Mattens, participant in the Deep Time experiment, a 40-day expedition underground with no access to civilization. He described his ability to adapt in the cave,  and how it is relevant in the corporate world. 
  • Éric Rochant, the creator of the iconic TV Show “Bureau des Légendes". He presented his career as a director and explained how he has developed close ties with the French intelligence service DGSE.
  • Dr Corentin Cadiou, he taught us how to simulate galaxies on computers and discussed existing problems such as the impossibility of measuring sizes and distances in space.
  • Martin Giard, CNRS research director, he unveiled his knowledge of infrared space astronomy. 
BigBang Thursdays

Social responsibility

Our belief

Social responsibility allows the company's business interests to be reconciled with the legitimate interests of the different stakeholders that may be affected, and also assumes the impact of the company's activities on the community and the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy establishes a reference framework, from which Preligens can develop and strengthen socially responsible behavior.



We recognise that our employees are our most important assets.

We are very careful of the well being of our employees so we provide them with means to develop themselves and enjoy working at Preligens:

  • Thursdays afternoon for personal development
  • dry freediving classes 
  • budget and ideas for regular teambuilding
  • online sport classes
AI for good

AI for good

We are eager to use our technology to help building a better world.
AI for good

Our purpose is to deliver uselful tools for NGO tackling meaningful projects and assess the value of Preligens technology in other contexts than our core business. Our algorithms along with our alerting system could help specific organizations to detect changes in pattern of life.



We are conscious of our environmental impact and are willing to reduce it.

We are willing to keep on growing at a very high speed but not at the expense of the environment. We have started initiatives to evaluate and compensate our carbon footprint and adopted internal rules to reduce our plastic usage, encourage non poluting transport means, etc.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We seek to create a working environment which is free of unlawful discrimination and racism.
Diversity & Inclusion

We have put in place several initiatives to ensure a perfect equality of treatment of all candidates. We also actively participate in the promotion of women in the tech industry.

  • strictly followed salary grid
  • 10 weeks fully paid paternity leave
  • member of 50 inTech

Professional equality

82/100 is Preligens' score for the index for professional equality

How is it calculated? 

➤ Salary gap indicator : 37
➤ Individual salary raise indicator : 25/35
➤ Maternity leave return indicator : 15/15
➤ Top 10 salaries indicator : 5/10

What helped us get this score: 

➤ A non negociable salary grid when hiring new candidates. 
➤ A salary raise process based on performance review. 
➤ A second parent leave equal to the maternity leave !

How we can still improve: 

➤ We are partnering with 50inTech to have more women candidates 
➤ Some Preligens employees have created a squad to work on new initiatives for our work environment. Because this is everyone's business. 
➤ As our algorithms, we are actively learning.

Professional equality
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Discover our latest open roles

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